Exciting, urban and innovative, 3x3 is inspired by several forms of streetball played worldwide and is considered the world’s number one urban team sport. Steered by FIBA, the world governing body for basketball, games see two teams of three players face off on a basketball half-court.

FIBA came up with a unified set of rules for 3x3 and organises official competitions, such as the FIBA 3x3 World Tour, the FIBA 3x3 All Stars and national-team events. 3x3 is already played at the Youth Olympic Games, the European and the Asian Games and FIBA has made an official bid for the urban discipline to be added to the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games.

For more information, see fiba.com/3x3


FIBA3x3 is giving all 3x3 event organisers free tools to create, manage and promote their events. Whether you want to set up a small 3x3 event at your local school or host a World Tour or a 3x3 World Championships event, spreading the word has never been easier. All events created with 3x3 Eventmaker are published to the global platform for all 3x3 basketball - 3x3planet.com

From paid registrations to scheduling and results entries, managing events with Eventmaker is easy, fast and fun. You can set up multiple events, create tours, manage registered teams and enter results as they happen. Add staff to your organisation and grant them specific rights so they can help you have successful event

Currently the 3x3 Event Maker is available for Windows. An online version will be coming later in 2015.

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